Scuba’s visit to Propelify

This year’s Propelify event took place on the Hoboken Waterfront in New Jersey on May..

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Scuba’s visit to Propelify

This year’s Propelify event took place on the Hoboken Waterfront in New Jersey on May 17, 2018. It  was a huge success. We were pleased to share Scuba with many of the attendees and businesses there.

Propelify event in Hoboken, NJ.

Both, Shamar and Sounak attended the event and were greeted by crowds of professionals throughout the day who shared related experiences within the tech world – from technology investors, start-up companies, well-known businesses like Amazon’s, and many enthusiasts who were looking to participate in any way they can.

Shamar Armstrong, co-founder of Avolve Innovations (left) stands with Sounak Ghosh, 3D Artist of Avolve Innovations (right) against the Propelify sponsor backdrop.

No event can be complete without having great food!

At Propelify, we made many connections with other tech savvy professionals and businesses who primarily held interest within the VR and AR (Virtual and Augmented Reality) sector.  We experienced companies like Agile Lens, which specialize in immersive design. Additionally we held lots of discussions with everyone we came across from New Jersey administrative businesses, health care companies like the RWJ Barnabas’ health care booth, which showcased their own VR projects, and representatives from self-help organizations who showed a general interest to learn more about virtual reality.

An attendee viewing Scuba the Submersible’s Ocean Odyssey VR demo.

Sounak and I obtained a great deal of knowledge and inspiration at Propelify. We also presented our own project, “Scuba the Submersible’s Ocean Odyssey” VR Demo on the Google Play Android App Store. Everyone who witnessed the Scuba demo were interested in learning more about our project. Unfortunately, our company budget limited us to sharing just one cardboard headset at a time (and Sounak’s cell phone, which kept sliding out of the cardboard and dropping to the ground [sorry, Sounak]).

The idea we had around presenting Scuba as an educational awareness, VR game enlightening people to the growing concern of plastic pollution in our oceans, was highly accepted by everyone. We hope our demo will be enough to get people interested in investing into our company!

The event also had many speakers who talked about the ever-changing world of technology and how great it was to have so many of its greatest innovators all here in one area.

You can download a FREE VR Demo of Scuba the Submersible’s Ocean Odyssey today from the Google Play Store for Android devices (not for iPhone IOS yet). Although you can view the demo without a vr headset, it does help to have one in order to give you that complete immersive experience. OR if you’re feeling very generous and just want to help out with our project by submitting a nice gesture of appreciation you can send donations to our website here at:

The money we raise for Scuba will be used to help fund initiatives for charities who focus on rectifying the growing plastic pollution concerns.

We learned a great deal on this day and were excited about how well our project was accepted by the public. The visit to Propelify was another successful promotion for Scuba, but if there are any takeaways from this day, it’s to make sure we have extra sticky tape! (Sorry again, Sounak!)


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