Scuba is unveiled at Play NYC 2018

The best part about playing new video games is playing them for the first time..

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Scuba is unveiled at Play NYC 2018

The best part about playing new video games is playing them for the first time in front of a huge crowd. On August 11-12, 2018, people from all over the New York area came to attend Play NYC’s 2018 annual gaming expo – hosted by Playcrafting.

Play NYC is New York’s premier dedicated game convention for creators and players alike. Featuring the latest releases from studios large and small, and from developers old and new, Play NYC celebrates every facet of gaming in a way that only the Big Apple can.

Launched in 2017, the first-ever Play NYC convention gathered over 5,000 people for two packed days and nights of games, speakers and networking events. In 2018, Play NYC is back and even bigger in its new home – The Manhattan Center – packing all 4 floors of the historic Hammerstein Ballroom with games of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just want to bring the family for a day of fun games, everyone will find something to love.

Avolve Innovations presented its demo version of Scuba the Submersible’s Ocean Odyssey in virtual reality. The company’s first ever VR project quickly became a huge success as waves of crowds poured in to the expo to experienced it and many other indie games for the first time. Shamar Armstrong, Sounak Ghosh, Lili Ko, and Aaron Effinger were present to showcase the game. “Our first ever game is 100% full emersion in VR, built in Unity, and playable with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets,” said Shamar, co-founder and marketing director of Avolve Innovations, as he was being interview by Andre Alliance from TheShowRadio. “You play as Scuba, the underwater sub and hero of the ocean, and you must save your fish friends from the harmful pollution being caused by the large ‘Big Business’ ships swimming overhead, dumping garbage and toxic waste into the water.”

Andre Alliance from TheShowRadio interviews Shamar Armstrong, co-founder of Avolve Innovations on its upcoming game “Scuba’s Ocean Odyssey”

The game introduces custom-designed levels for hours of underwater exploration and problem-solving gameplay. There are many challenges to complete like saving the Old Wise Turtle, who is trapped inside huge garbage chunks.

Crafting the Water Cannon to save the Old Wise Turtle

Players will have the ability to gather materials and craft different tools at their Recycling Hub that are needed to help them along their journey, all the while cleaning up garbage and saving the ocean from plastic pollution.

“But that isn’t the complete goal,” Shamar states to Andrew. “This is also an educational game to bring awareness to the rapidly expanding garbage vortex called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or Plastic Paradise, that plagues our water. There are many charitable organizations across the world who are taking up the cause to find better solutions for recycling plastic and we at Avolve support their mission. As a software company, we aren’t physically going out to clean up garbage in the ocean. Instead, our goal is to use technology to partner with these charities and help spread awareness to their cause – and the best way we can do that is by creating video games and loveable characters. Characters like Y.U.R.I.E (Your Underwater Research Intelligence Entity) that people can relate to and educate them on these issues from real facts that are posted throughout our game.

Y.U.R.I.E (Your Underwater Research Intelligence Entity) is your A.I. guide within the game

By playing our game you will become more aware of the issues and empowered on how you might be able to help the cause. It may be something as simple as starting to recycle plastic bottles in your own home.”

Unveiling Scuba’s Ocean Odyssey was just the start of Avolve’s weekend. The team of 4 also connected with many of the other great developers and creators like the Llama Express, Saturday Morning Games, Haiduc, Way of Rhea, and Bizarre Barber (created by developers Maria Mishurenko and Gordey Chernyy). We also created a great relationship with the good folks from Virtual Realms, Long Island’s 1st VR arcade, whom loved Scuba so much they would like to have the game available in their own arcade! So it looks like things are on the up and up for both Scuba and Avolve!

You can also click here to listen a podcast interview by Behind The Indies and read the latest press release issued by

You can also view photos of the Play NYC 2018 Expo from our perspective!

Stay in tuned as we will keep you informed on more news and expos to come. We will soon invite beta testers to try our game which is expected to launch December of 2018.

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